Wonder why cat yoga is the meowest exercise trend? Well, if you love cats and love yoga, then you probably already know! Cat yoga is both relaxing for humans and kittens as well as beneficial for cat adoptions. You can expect to make a loveable new friend and maybe even take one home, it is not your usual yoga class.

Yoga is known to offer many benefits to humans which includes lowering anxiety and boosting your mood in a natural way. The cats probably will not follow along with the moves, but the calming environment can be good for them as well. These classes can be different from what you are used to. The quiet, reflective environment of a yoga class will probably be full of tiny meows, kittens climbing on and around you, and full of joy. This different yoga class guides you to get in touch with your inner kid and enjoy the lighthearted personalities of the kittens that adds to the good mood brought on by the class. If they are like my kitten, she likes to stretch alongside me on my yoga mat at home.

Usually, these sessions are held by local animal shelters, such as the MEOW Foundation in Calgary, and while participating in the yoga class, you can interact with the adoptable kittens brought in by the foundation or make donations. It is a fun way to promote adoption while spending time with the cats to find them a new furever home.

If you are looking for a new furry friend, then cat yoga is a good place to start. When you get a chance to see the kittens outside of the environment of the shelter, you often get a better understanding their personalities and how they interact with others. If you are interested in cat yoga classes, check out The Regal Cat Café in Calgary for more information. And, as always, Happy Paws vets are here to answer any questions you may have about adoption, vaccines, and kittens!