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We believe in creating healthier, happier and better lives for you and your pets. We believe in so much more than treating illness when it happens. We want to prevent illness by focusing on the overall health and well-being of your furry family member. There are many services that we offer that will help you achieve a long and healthy life for your beloved pet.

Our wellness services include

  • Routine health exams
    Prevention is the best medicine. Your pet grows and changes so much each year. We want to be able to detect any small changes before they become bigger problems by performing a complete nose-to-tail exam.
  • Vaccination and parasite control
    Every pet has different needs when it comes to their vaccinations and parasite prevention. Depending on the lifestyle of you and your family, we can create a customized prevention program for your pet.
  • Nutrition and weight management
    Pet food can be so confusing, so we keep it simple for you. We give you options tailored to your pet and their lifestyle. We know that feeding your pet is one of the most enjoyable parts of your day and also one of the most important choices you make that helps extend their lives.
  • Dental health
    Oral health is the foundation of your pet’s overall health and well-being. We believe in practical and preventative approaches when it comes to your pet’s dental health.
  • Senior health
    All pets age and we want to help them age gracefully and comfortably. It can be difficult to know what changes are associated with age and what changes are associated with illness. Our expert advice can help you navigate this life stage and make it some of the most enjoyable years you have with your pet.
  • Training and behaviour advice
    Sometimes good pets do bad things. It can be medical problems or behavioural issues. We will work with you to find the best solution for you and your pet.
  •  Microchipping and identification
    Any pet can go missing, and we want to be able to return them back to you as quickly as possible. It is quick and simple to place a microchip and you will be happy to have it if they ever go missing.
  • Pet insurance advice
    Nobody wants to ever make a financial decision about a family member. Emergency veterinary care can be expensive and unexpected and insurance can help with the financial burden. Pet insurance can help you provide the best care possible for your pet without breaking the bank. However options can be overwhelming and we want to help you decide on coverage that is right for you.
  • Pet travel advice
    Going somewhere new with your pet? There are many travel rules, regulations, and new diseases to be aware of. Let us help you sail that murky water.


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