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Surgical Services

Surgery is a part of all pets’ lives. We aim to make it a safe, easy, and pleasant experience for both you and your pet. We will spend the time ensuring that all your questions are answered and you feel comfortable you are making the best possible decision for your pet. We provide all general soft tissue surgeries like spays, neuters, lump removal, wound repair and more.

General Soft Tissue Surgeries

    • Spays
    • Neuters
    • Lump Removal
    • Wound Repair

*Please note that we do not provide non-medical cosmetic surgeries like declawing, ear cropping or tail docking as we believe these to be unethical and unnecessary*

Dental Surgeries

Dental surgery is the removal of diseased teeth from the mouth through proper surgical technique. Teeth extraction is what we need to do in advanced stages of dental disease. It involves similar techniques as the soft tissue surgery but also involves the bones and teeth. We really focus on management of pain and stress at all levels. For example, even though your pet is sleeping peacefully under anesthetic we still put in dental freezing! We are always cleaning the remaining teeth with the hope that we can start preventing plaque and tartar and not have to do another dental surgery ever again. We find owners report that there pet is acting like a puppy or a kitten again after we remove the teeth that were previously causing them pain.


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