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Sick Pet Consultation

We know that having a sick pet is scary and stressful. When it happens we try to be available for same day appointments. We want to get a full idea of what is happening with your pet by asking many questions. You know your pet best and your careful observations can help us make the best possible plan. From here we are doing a complete physical exam to assess how the body is reacting to the illness. We are then making a plan together to get your pet feeling better.


Our pets will often hide their pain or sickness and we have yet to learn their language of barks and meows. This is why testing can be so powerful. It can give us the knowledge we need to choose the right medications, so your pet is back to normal sooner. It also works to tell us what parts of your pet is unaffected which can be valuable now and for the future too.

There are many tests out there and our philosophy is to recommend the tests that will give us the most information and be the least invasive and stressful. When going through these recommendations we provide an estimate so that you can have all the information to make an informed decision on testing.


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