You would get an annual checkup, so why shouldn’t your pet? Besides, we love seeing your pet!

Our wellness services here at the clinic provide routine health exams as we believe prevention is the best medicine. Although they may seem unnecessary, annual “nose-to-tail” checkups are important since your pet grows every year and things can change. It is important to identify problems early before they get bigger, more expensive, and to prevent heartache. We all want to maintain your pet’s good health and keep them happy.

Things we examine for and offer are:

  • Vaccination and parasite control
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Dental health
  • Senior health
  • Training and behaviour advice
  • Microchipping and identification
  • Pet insurance advice
  • Pet travel advice
During an annual exam, the vet will feel your pet’s skin, muscles, and bones as well as check their teeth for any problems. We also check heartbeat and temperature and conduct any other tests we believe are necessary.

Treatment and care should start when your pet is young and continue on depending on your pet. Every dog should visit the vet at least once every year, even if they are healthy. If anything, this will create a positive and healthy relationship between your pet and the vet, so they are not going there only for bad reasons.

Along with annual checkups, exercise, nutrition, and fresh water (things you would do to take care of yourself) are good ways to keep your pet healthy at home. Not only does it help prevent obesity, but also helps your pet sleep more soundly at night. The time with your pup on walks and the dog park enriches the bond you have with them and makes both of you feel good. Playing in your home with your cat can have the same effect and it is a way for your pet to have fun. A healthy environment will stimulate both their mind and body as bored animals can tend to get into trouble. So, ensure that your pet has a good balanced diet and fresh water every day.

Our pets cannot live without us, so along with spending time with them, we can ensure that they remain happy and healthy. For vet advice, contact us for your pet’s annual “nose-to-tail” exam or check out our website for more information!