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Rayne - Healthy Reduction-MCS (Cans)

Rayne (canine) – Healthy Reduction-MCS (Cans)

400g x 12 Cans

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Product Description

Healthy Reduction-MCS Canine dry and wet diets are higher protein, lower energy, highly digestible, and provide a nutrient profile appropriate to support lean body mass in dogs that require calorie restriction for weight loss. Reduced caloric density allows for a more satisfying food volume1 and along with high palatability improves owner compliance and success during a weight loss program. Overweight dogs are at higher risk of osteoarthritis and weight loss can improve clinical signs5,6. Supplementation with rich sources of omega 3 (EPA/DHA/DPA) provides an evidence-based method to help reduce joint inflammation in the management of dogs with osteoarthritis. Inclusion of prebiotics (FOS) helps maintain gastrointestinal health11.

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400 g x 12 Cans


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