Six Clinic Philosophies

The values that we commit to when we represent Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic and take forward into each and every day.

Our pets make our world brighter. Together, let’s create a happy, healthy life for you and your pet.

We are a compassionate group of people who are driven to help people and their pets. Every day we are witness to the amazing power of the human-animal bond. There is nothing that compares to the moments we get to share with our pets—how cute they look when they curl up for a nap, how they tell us when it is dinner time, or how they know when we have had a bad day.

We are passionate about helping your pet achieve a happier, healthier, and longer life so more moments can be shared.


This often sensationalized word really simply defined means watchful attention. In our world this means making sure our patients are treated as extensions of our own family. It means that we know them (and you) by name. That they are pain free, have a comfortable place to rest, and their anxiety is minimized. It is doing everything with a deep interest and sincere concern for the well-being of our patients and their guardians.


This is the creation of a positive, happy environment for you and your pet. We aim to look at everything optimistically, and have you and your pet enjoy being a part of the Happy Paws family.


We know how important communication is and how frustrating it can be when not done correctly or timely. We appreciate that everyone communicates and learns differently. We tailor our conversations and demonstrations to how you learn best. We get back to you in a timely manner, and are always happy to answer more questions as they come up, even after you leave our facility.


What is openness? It is creating an environment of collaboration and shared decision making. It is an invitation to pick our brains and ask all the questions you need. It is welcoming you into the back area of the clinic to comfort your pet through any procedure. It is our dedication to sharing all options with you, collaborating about recommendations and ultimately supporting your decision.


We are a cohesive group of people that aim to combine our strengths as individuals. We also want you to become part of the team so we can all focus on keeping your pet healthy.


Integrity is more than just honesty. It is keeping a promise to do more than what is expected. It is honoring a handshake more than the signed disclaimer form. It is upholding our values and doing the right thing, no matter what.


We find that every question is different and we want to give you the right answer, not just a cookie cutter version.  

Please just give us a ring. We would love to answer your questions directly and start getting to know you.

Call us at 403-299-0336.