The Cutting Edge

Advanced diagnostics for improved patient care.

In-House Laboratory

We have an in-house laboratory so that we can quickly analyze samples (blood, urine, ear swabs, etc.) and provide you with accurate and timely results. We do also work closely with an outside laboratory for those samples we need to send out for testing. Blood tests and other laboratory tests are an essential part of assessing your pet’s health and being able to diagnose an illness. It also provides a baseline for the future so we have the ability to track and address any changes in your pet’s lab work.  +

Digital Radiology

X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool in order to see what is going on inside of your pet if they are sick or injured. They can help to identify or rule out potential problems that we are unable to see with the naked eye. X-rays can also be a great screening tool to check for potential problems before they become serious issues. They can detect a wide range of issues such as orthopedic problems, tumors, foreign bodies, heart and lung issues, kidney and bladder stones, and so much more. 

We may need to sedate your pet to get the images we need as motion will cause a blurry image or your pet may be too painful to perform the desired x-rays with them awake. This is something that will be discussed at the time of the appointment and when we go over the estimate.


We are truly generalists when it comes to ultrasound. This means while we have an ultrasound, we are limited in it’s diagnostic use. We use our ultrasound in emergency situations to rule out things like fluid around the heart or lungs. The other most common use for our ultrasound is collection of urine samples through a procedure called cystocentesis. When most vets recommend an ultrasound, it is best performed by an internal medicine specialist who is trained in interpreting ultrasound images. +