Think back to when you brought your furry family member home with you. The trusted bond you’ve grown together is special, unique just to you. Having a veterinary clinic that believes in this magical human-animal bond adds to further creating this bond between you and your pet.

At Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic, we are driven by this very thing – to support the special emotional connection between owners and pets, leading to many additional health benefits of pet ownership (or human ownership – we’re still figuring this one out!). With this in mind, over the past year, we’ve worked hard on developing a new location to better serve this bond.

What this means for Happy Paws patients and their owners
That’s right! We’re opening a new East side clinic in Airdrie’s Kingsview community. This will be the largest vet wellness clinic in Airdrie. With more space, we’re able to provide additional support and services. One such service is a Palliative program called, Pet’s Best Life.

Pet’s Best Life is for anyone who is facing the inevitable tough questions of pet ownership: is it time to say goodbye to our furry family member? How do we talk about this? What do we do next?

“We know that health concerns can get in the way of a harmonious and long relationship with your pet. We want to help take those worries away,” says Dr. Erin Heck. “Our focus is on making your pet comfortable here in the clinic. We are driven by compassionate care and genuinely helping others – human and animal alike.”

The new clinic allows patients to continue to receive quality care in a comforting environment, while owners receive relief knowing that their precious pet is being cared for with the same warmth and tenderness they give.

Additional pet wellness services are also available
While Pet’s Best Life is a service to support near the end of your furry family’s life, there are plenty of other complementary pet wellness services to support the overall quality of life of your pet.

In the new East side clinic space, Dr. Sarah Pedersen is offering rehabilitation, acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and shockwave therapy for both your cat and dog family. These services allow the Happy Pet team to support your family critter no matter where they’re at. Perhaps Rufus was a bit too competitive at the dog park and strained a muscle, we’re now able to offer holistic therapies to get Rufus back in top ball chasing shape in no time! Arthritic Grumpy Cat? A little bit of laser therapy can reduce inflammation and reduce pain, making Grumpy Cat merely a Gloomy Cat (we can’t change personalities, after all).

Service that will not change…unless it’s for the better
The great news about this expansion is that Happy Paws remains a local, family-run vet clinic, proudly owned and operated by Dr. Erin Heck and Jeff Boucher. Highly involved and connected as a team, we remain the same people patients and owners have come to know and love at the Bayside (Westside) clinic. The expansion continues the quality care, treatment and guidance which equips owners with the right information to make the best decision possible for their pet regardless of which side of Airdrie you live on. Pets and people will always remain the core of our service, we now just have more space to better serve.

The Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic Eastside clinic will open in Summer 2022, so stay tuned for more news on this. To learn more visit or call 403-299-0336.

If you simply need an appointment for Spot or Simba, book an appointment here.

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