Grain-Free Diets and a Broken Heart!

In July 2018 the FDA alerted pet owners and vets about dogs eating certain pet food and getting diagnosed with a heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). The concern was with foods that were grain free but also ones with exotic ingredients and boutique diets. The science The issue is being researched to find out [...]

Don’t Tick Me Off!

March is National Tick Awareness Month (NTAM). It is an initiative introduced in 2016 by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) in partnership with Merck Animal Health. Because of this initiative, pet owners are now aware of the risks of ticks and are learning how to protect their pets and families from these parasites and [...]

Why Cat Yoga is Purr-fect

Wonder why cat yoga is the meowest exercise trend? Well, if you love cats and love yoga, then you probably already know! Cat yoga is both relaxing for humans and kittens as well as beneficial for cat adoptions. You can expect to make a loveable new friend and maybe even take one home, it is [...]

Why Does Your Dog Dig?

Ever wonder why your pup digs holes in your yard? It is often destructive and can ruin your grass and flower beds. Dogs need exercise and, depending on the breed, some need more than others. Your dog could be digging because of boredom, comfort, for fun, to cool off on hot days, or just because [...]

Routine Checkups – Nose-to-Tail

You would get an annual checkup, so why shouldn’t your pet? Besides, we love seeing your pet! Our wellness services here at the clinic provide routine health exams as we believe prevention is the best medicine. Although they may seem unnecessary, annual “nose-to-tail” checkups are important since your pet grows every year and things can [...]

Crate Training vs Co-Sleeping With Your Puppy

To crate train or not to crate train? That is the question. The overall debate is whether to train your puppy to sleep in their crate at night or let them sleep with you. While it may be up to personal preference, there are benefits to both. Crate Training Making sure your puppy is comfortable [...]

Dental Health: Tips and Tricks for Good Dental Care

Your pet’s dental health is just as important as yours and the task of brushing their teeth is something to get used to, for them and for you. Oral hygiene is often overlooked, and it may be causing your pet pain, stress, and discomfort without you even knowing. It is estimated that the majority of [...]

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