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Rayne (c) - GI Revive (Cans)

Rayne (canine) – GI Revive (Cans)

400g x 12 Cans

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Sensitive GI Revive canine and feline wet diet is an energy-dense, higher fat and protein content diet with highly digestible ingredients and excellent palatability to support kcal intake and recovery in various intensive needs states. Antioxidants in the sweet potato and turkey help support the immune system1, and inclusion of prebiotics (FOS) helps maintain gastrointestinal health2. Glutamine is considered a conditionally essential amino acid during critical illness such as cancer, and incorporation in the diet has positive effects on protein metabolism, intestinal repair, intestinal immunity and absorption of nutrients. This diet is low in total fibre to ensure optimal digestibility, and is a high energy option for cats and dogs with anorexia or weight loss due to cancer, hepatic lipidosis, and malabsorption associated with gastrointestinal disease. Revivesupports growth in both species. The diet can be blenderized for syringe

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400 g x 12 Cans


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